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This is the only place where you can see all of my wet and messy fetish videos streaming for one low price. You get updates on a regular basis plus only members of my site get to make suggestions on what you want to see me do in videos! 

I love to combine my kinks so my wam videos aren't your typical wam videos. I love bondage, clothes destruction, pantyhose & shoe filling and full body coverage. My videos range from non-nude to explicit orgasmic experiences. Whatever your preference you are bound to find it here :)

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Sticky Leather Destruction

  • 1 - Sticky Leather Destruction - Leila Hazlett
  • 2 - Sticky Leather Destruction - Leila Hazlett
  • 3 - Sticky Leather Destruction - Leila Hazlett
  • 4 - Sticky Leather Destruction - Leila Hazlett
  • 5 - Sticky Leather Destruction - Leila Hazlett
  • 6 - Sticky Leather Destruction - Leila Hazlett

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Length: 19 min

Wam Surprise Part 2

  • 1 - Wam Surprise Part 2 - Leila Hazlett
  • 2 - Wam Surprise Part 2 - Leila Hazlett
  • 3 - Wam Surprise Part 2 - Leila Hazlett
  • 4 - Wam Surprise Part 2 - Leila Hazlett
  • 5 - Wam Surprise Part 2 - Leila Hazlett
  • 6 - Wam Surprise Part 2 - Leila Hazlett

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Length: 10 min

Sexy Mud Bath

  • 1 - Sexy Mud Bath - Leila Hazlett
  • 2 - Sexy Mud Bath - Leila Hazlett
  • 3 - Sexy Mud Bath - Leila Hazlett
  • 4 - Sexy Mud Bath - Leila Hazlett
  • 5 - Sexy Mud Bath - Leila Hazlett
  • 6 - Sexy Mud Bath - Leila Hazlett

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Length: 9 min

Sensual Shower

  • 1 - Sensual Shower - Leila Hazlett
  • 2 - Sensual Shower - Leila Hazlett
  • 3 - Sensual Shower - Leila Hazlett
  • 4 - Sensual Shower - Leila Hazlett
  • 5 - Sensual Shower - Leila Hazlett
  • 6 - Sensual Shower - Leila Hazlett

Added: 1 weeks ago


Length: 12 min

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Sticky Fun


Added: 2 months ago

Messy Latex


Added: 5 months ago

Mae Coated In Clay


Added: 5 months ago

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Messy BDSM

Posted: September, 04, 2016

Here are some previews from a really hot custom video I just finished editing. In this scene Sarah Michelle dominates me with slime and several times pours slime in my mouth to keep me from complaining. It was pretty hot :) I don't sub very much anymore since I am really picky who I will sub for. There is only one guy I will ever sub for who has done some POV clips with me and I do want to do some more of those. Sarah I will sub for (obviously) and there are only two other women I will sub for but one lives pretty far away so we haven't shot together in a long time. But anyways this video will be added to the calendar soon plus there is a fun little out-takes video I made to go along with this. I originally wanted Sarah to put nipple clamps on me after cutting off my shirt. I thought if she wiped my boobs off with a towel the clamps would work but my nipples were still too slippery so it ended up failing and being pretty silly. 

55732-Messy BDSM-Leila Hazlett

Quick Update

Posted: September, 02, 2016

I want to apologize for not having updated the site calendar recently. Things have been rather hectic but rest assured I do have a lot of fun and sexy updates for you guys :) I have some new mud videos coming up and a few custom videos that I made for my fans that are really hot! One is a BDSM slime video where I am dominated by the lovely Sarah Michelle. Another is a messy clothes destruction video where I use melted gummy bears, molasses and some other foods to destroy a beautiful satin shirt and leather skirt. And for future shoots I plan on hiring some new models to get more variety on my site. As much as I love to get messy I know you guys would probably appreciate some more variety. I have a few girls in mind ranging from skinny blonde girls to beautiful curvey women. So once I get caught up on some editing I will update the calendar section so you have a preview of what to expect for the rest of september and october.

Quick Update

Posted: July, 30, 2016

I'm happy to say I now have 95 videos up on this site. I'm so excited to get to 100 videos! If you haven't checked out the calendar yet there are a bunch of videos scheduled to go up in August including more wetlook, pie scenes and even a fun scene with me getting another model messy while she's in bondage :) And the first weekend in August I'll be doing another mud shoot (assuming the weather cooperates). Plus I found a nice hotel with a big hot tub that is perfect for doing more wetlook scenes. Unfortunately I won't be able to rent that place till September since my shooting budget for the summer is basically all going towards hiring models for outdoor scenes while the weather is still nice. As some of you probably know I shoot a lot of quicksand fetish for DIDVP.com but I am also doing non-quicksand mud scenes too. I have one with Elvira Bella Morte where she plays in the mud topless that I will be editing soon and should be going live towards the end of August. So I have been very busy and will keep making fun new videos for you guys :) 

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